About me

About me:

I am a member:

  • The Polish Association of Astronomy Fans (PTMA)
  • American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

I have been interested in astronomy since primary school – few years passed since then 🙂

What most interested me is the beauty of the starry sky and the possibility of going back in time “time machine”. This happens because the light travels at a finite speed (approximately 300,000 km / s). Therefore, looking at the sky, we can see what they once were, not what they look like today (everything by unfathomable distances that separate us from these objects). In fact, some stars may no longer be, and we still see them watching the sky

My first telescope was Newton 90mm, commonly accessible equipment at that time produced by polish manufacturer. I spent many hours observing the sky, especially during winter, when the temperature goes down to minus 12 Celsius degrees 🙂 One of my achievements at that time, was diploma and distinction: I won ‘Big Astronomy Contest’ in monthly magazine “Wiedza i Życie”.

Teleskop Uniwersał nr 5 (90/900 mm)

After a few year break, I have decided to come back to my passion. I purchased new equipment and decided to have a go with astrophotography adventure again. There is one thing I have noticed: the variety and accessibility of proper equipment on the market have improved only the prices stand still after all these years. 🙂

Now I’m taking my first steps in astrophotography. As you probably know, the beginnings are always difficult. However I am aiming to raise the standards of my photography continuously. All my works and observations are made in town (30 thousands city dwellers), and this fact has an impact on taking pictures of Deep Space. Still, I want to prove that anyone can make great pictures with investing small amount of money, even if you take pictures in a town – not necessarily having 100% user-friendly conditions (i.e. sodium lamps) 🙂


Michał Kwieciak

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